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AG Agora Jewellery London - A shopping experience

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AG Agora Jewellery London - A shopping experience. How important is it to give our customers a great shopping experience? In AG Agora Jewellery London, we value our customers and one of our goals is to give the best service we can, not only in terms of design, exclusivity, bespoke pieces is to make the experience of buying one of our jewellery pieces the greatest experience! 

A report based on the research, titled “Discovering ‘WOW’ — A Study of Great Retail Shopping Experiences in North America,” points to five major areas that contribute to a great shopping experience:

  • Engagement: being polite, genuinely caring and interested in helping, acknowledging and listening.
  • Executional excellence: patiently explaining and advising, checking stock, helping to find products, having the product knowledge and providing unexpected product quality.
  • Brand Experience: exciting store design and atmosphere, consistently great product quality, making customers feel they’re special and that they always get a deal.
  • Expediting: being sensitive to customers’ time on long check-out lines, being proactive in helping speed the shopping process.
  • Problem Recovery: helping resolve and compensate for problems, upgrading the quality and ensuring complete satisfaction.



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