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Creative Masterpieces

A special journey from a dream to a
Unique piece of Jewellery

It is very important to understand the design concepts and process. The design concepts are rendered followed by detailed technical drawings generated by a jewellery designer, a professional who is trained in the architectural and functional knowledge of materials, fabrication techniques, composition, wearability and market trends.

During our first meeting, we became familiar with Agora’s style, taste and preferences, so we had the opportunity of introducing ourselves and presenting Agora’s story and values. Then, we will advise the client about their idea and how I could design and create a unique piece of jewellery.

We are preparing and presenting a few alternatives of different types of designs,  and we had the opportunity to work together and developed further and interesting ideas.

Once initial ideas for the basic design concept have been discussed and the design concept is complete, the design is rendered and fabricated using the necessary materials for proper adaptation to the function of the object. For example, 24K gold was used in ancient jewellery design because it was more accessible than silver as source material.

The stones are usually the best place to begin working toward a detailed design. The type, shape, size and quality of the stone is settled by discussing basic preferences of colour, bold or delicate appearance and approximate budget. For bespoke work, it is important to work with good quality of stones.

We will discuss and agreed on all the aspects of the piece including design, stone settings and production timelines.

It is then our role to make the concept ‘work’ as a balanced and stylish piece.

The creation of your pieces in the workshop

Your jewellery will be design in our London studio and manufacture in our workshop in Colombia. We are working with a very highly experienced and qualify Filigree artisans.

Traditional hand-drawing and drafting methods are still utilised in designing jewellery. However, the design programmes are widely used. Whereas the traditionally hand-illustrated jewel is typically translated into wax or metal directly by a skilled craftsman, a CAD model is generally used as the basis for a CNC cut or 3D printed 'wax' pattern to be used in the rubber moulding or lost wax casting processes. Viewing, learning about, and selecting the materials including metals and stones.

We need to outsource and buy the stones from the supplier and send it to the artisan who will be in charge of making the right setting.

These and countless other details are all part of our determination to provide truly fine quality, bespoke-made jewellery.

AG Agora Jewellery London inspires with beautiful, unique filigree and sterling silver jewellery

We take pride in our handmade and bespoke designs. Working with highly skilled artisans and implementing the Fair-Trade principles in all our jewellery.




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New challenges and new opportunities - AG Agora Jewellery London

New challenges and new opportunities - AG Agora Jewellery London

Agora Jewellery.....Giving Something Back
I was born in Bogota, Colombia but I have been in the UK for the last 20 years – 11 of those living in Surrey.  I am also a trained jewellery designer.  When I had my lovely twins Patrick and Valentina, I had to stop working full time as I wanted to be able to look after them. I soon started thinking about having my own business as I wanted to be able to work from home and have the flexibility to look after my family, but also to be able to continue my personal and professional development.  Difficult? Yes, of course – it was a big challenge!
I decided to start my own jewellery business as I have experience in the jewellery industry from my previous working life but I wanted it to be a business with a difference.  In my heart, it was very important to remain connected to Latin America and especially to Colombia as I wanted my children to feel part of that heritage but I also wanted it to be a business that gave back – that is why from the very beginning I knew I wanted it to be a Fair Trade business where the artisans benefited fully.

The challenge between my lovely twins and my career…When my twins arrived I wanted to dedicate myself to them. As they grew I began to look for the opportunity to build my own businesses. I had a whole team helping me during this time: my family in Colombia, who gave me full support and travelled all the time to help me.

How everything started…I am a designer and I have a great passion for design, jewellery, production, quality control and sales. I also had my own business in Colombia for five years so that gave me knowledge and structure that I needed to start AG Agora Jewellery London.  However, I needed to write a plan and think through what was necessary to organise my own business in the UK.  I sat down with a good Colombian coffee!  And everything began… I started with the visualization of my project and a very positive attitude; I never thought for one minute that anything could stop me. I started networking and that gave me the opportunity to meet the most amazing people; very professional and with immense generosity.

Of course…life is a challenge!
During this process, I have had many challenges,  and the most difficult one has been the start-up capital, but thanks to my positive attitude and my determination I have been able to continue and to find the resources that I need. I believe in any business we will find continuous challenges ...its life! But depending on how we face them they will either be part of an experience or a failure.

Jewellery is a very competitive industry as so many. However, now we are facing new challenges: lockdown, coronavirus and recession.

Since we started this completely unexpected process I have not stopped thinking about my business, the challenges other businesses face and the need to reinvent themselves to be able to get ahead.

Without a doubt, we are in times of crisis, but also in a time of opportunity. Now is the time to think, create and design our new future. We will be able to create new jewellery collections or design pieces with new materials or in our case promoting stunning jewellery like Snow filigree ring, orange pearl pendantstunning earrings and leather bracelets collection. These pieces, as well as other stunning collections, are available from our website:

For more information on AG Agora Jewellery London and our beautiful collections of jewellery, follow us on social media!

INSTAGRAM - agorajewellery

TWITTER - @AgoraJewellery

FACEBOOK - Agora Jewellery 




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Jewellery inspired by nature - AG Agora Jewellery London

Jewellery inspired by nature - AG Agora Jewellery London

Gorgeous spring flowers that inspire our designs!

Nature is giving us an enormous variety of colours. Flowers are beautiful elements of life that represent different shapes, textures and colours, for example, Daisies are the inspiration for our beautiful and delicate earrings and rings designs. The Daisy filigree earrings have the perfect size for stud earrings. The Filigree Daisy ring is available in size 9. However, we can make any size.

These earrings and rings were designed from our London studio and produced by the magical hands of our artisans. Together, we created a gorgeous piece of art perfect to wear with any outfit or to give to our special one. We hope that you like our designs as much as we do.

One of our most popular flowers design is Filigree Clover earrings. These are inspired by the Irish national flower which is one of the typical pieces worn on Saint Patrick's Day.

We also have a gorgeous Filigree Clover Ring, Filigree Clover Necklace and the Lucky Key Pendant that represents the beauty of the filigree art and the national Irish flower.

Our collection 2020 includes pieces of jewellery representing flowers, leaves, and geometrical shapes. All our jewellery is made of sterling silver, yellow and rose gold. Some of our new designs are Filigree Maya Cuff, Filigree Laurel Ring and Filigree Emma Earrings.

The roots and origins of our company stem from Latin America and the majority of our jewellery are hand-made by skilled artisans who transform ideas into beautiful pieces of filigree jewellery.

Filigree is one of our trademarks. Filigree is a very ancient jewellery making technique originating from Spain and Italy. It arrived in Colombia during the Spanish colonisation period when Spanish jewellers taught the native people this exceptional craft. The labour is slow and refined, and the artisans work with very rudimentary tools. This jewellery is hand made of sterling silver, 18k or 24 k gold vermeil. Very delicate threads of different thickness are interwoven in endless circles and then adorned with semi-precious stones.

Historically, artisans in developing countries have often been exploited, resulting in impoverished standards of living and sometimes in the break-up of their communities and way of life. Today, Fairtrade is a growing international movement that ensures producers in developing countries get a fair deal. This means that the artisans will receive a reasonable price for their goods – an amount that covers the cost of production and guarantees a sustainable living. Fairtrade also ensures long-term contracts which provide real security and support to gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop their businesses and increase sales.

Agora jewellery is fully committed to a policy of Fairtrade. We are directly and proactively involved in helping our Latin American partners to implement Fairtrade standards throughout the supply chain fully. We do not try to drive down our artisans on price, we pay them fair prices based on the current market value for silver and their labour, and we settle in advance for the metal and some production costs to minimise the financial risk to them.

By buying a piece of Agora jewellery, you will not only be acquiring a keepsake, but you will also be improving the lives and environment of the Artisans.




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The Art of Filigree I AG Agora Jewellery London

The Art of Filigree AG Agora Jewellery London inspired by beauty, years of tradition a commitment to the fair trade ethos produced silver and filigree jewellery. 

At AG Agora Jewellery London we designing and crafting stunning pieces of filigree jewellery which involved a painstaking and delicate process requiring many hours spent shaping the fine metal wire into the characteristically intricate curls and twites. 

The work of filigree represents art and tradition.

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Spring - Summer 2019 trends - AG Agora Jewellery London

Spring summer 2019 trends - AG Agora Jewellery London

Stunning 2019 collection, created with a beautiful designer range of necklaces, pendants, sterling silver and bracelets are the perfect complement to a simple, eclectic or classic design that can be worn for a daytime or evening occasion.

You will find the perfect way to highlight your most treasured assets with our Spring 2019 collection. 

Shop the way you want and take advantage of the AG Agora Jewellery London online store. It’s convenient and safe. And, all Agora merchandise is elegantly packaged, one more exquisite reason to shop Agora.

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For Him - AG Agora Jewellery London

For Him AG Agora Jewellery London - Men's Jewellery Collection
We are offering a Men's jewellery collection. Timeless pieces created by AG Agora Jewellery London that will fit your lifestyle. 

For Him, We have a gorgeous collection of cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, and rings that will make a standout addition to your jewellery collection.

Shop the way you want and take advantage of the AG Agora Jewellery London online store. It’s convenient and safe. And, all Agora merchandise is elegantly packaged, one more exquisite reason to shop Agora.

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Adriatic Coast Italy - AG Agora Jewellery London

Adriatic Coast Italy - AG Agora Jewellery London

Adriatic Coast Italy. We had the opportunity of a wonderful photoshoot at the Adriatic Coast Italy with an amazing group of professionals. We showcase some of the wedding collection pieces.  

We design timeless rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, bangles, cufflinks and bracelets to wear daytime or evening. Our collections are elegant while also being fashion-forward.

Shop the way you want and take advantage of the AG Agora Jewellery London online store. It’s convenient and safe. And all Agora merchandise is elegantly packaged, one more exquisite reason to shop Agora.


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AG Agora Jewellery London - Italy. Turns out we love seeing Agora out and about in Italy.

Showcasing our stunning Spring 2019 collection made of sterling silver and yellow gold. 


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