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Press & Social Media

AG Agora Jewellery London is a brand that understands how to market jewellery online using Press & Social Media. Our brand has been collaborating with Instagram influencers and bloggers to generate content across the blogosphere and social media. AG Agora Jewellery London also uses Instagram’s social shopping feature to drive sales from directly within the app.

Our press & social media releases our latest designs and collections.
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Agora Jewellery inside the latest issue of Brides.

To celebrate that immense bridal design talent and some of our closest contacts here at Brides, we've shot this glorious portrait for our 60th anniversary issue.
Now you can see for yourselves the brains behind that dress in a million, and know these designers have more than 760 years' expertise  between them!
Explore Agora’s exquisite Filigree, Sterling Silver and Semiprecious Stone Jewellery collection to find the perfect classical or contemporary piece that is right for you on your special wedding day.



Agora Jewellery in The Cornish Brides Magazine

Exquisite handmade and limited edition filigree silver jewellery designed in our London Studio and produced by our Latin-American artisans.


These are precious gifts to celebrate the most important moments in our lives.



Agora Jewellery in the Premier magazine

Beautifully inspired by years of tradition, the works of Agora Jewellery can also be worn with a clear conscience, according to the company, as it is committed to a policy of fair trade – intended to improve the lives and the environment of mining communities and artisans in Latin America.  


Thanks to the hand crafted way in which each piece of jewellery is made, wearing an Agora piece means wearing something absolutely unique – a one off…


Agora Jewellery in November's TATLER

Tatler is a well know British monthly magazine about fashion, life style, society and politics.

Agora pieces featured in the Tatler’s editions on July 2012, a ribbon bracelet and November 2012, a filigree pendant.



Agora Jewellery in the TATLER

Agora Jewellery specialises in the design and distribution of exquisitely crafted .925 Silver and Filigree Jewellery. Inspired by years of tradition and committed to Fair Trade policies, they are working to improve the lives and the environment of mining communities and artisans in Latin America.

The ribbon bracelet is a unique, intricate and limited edition item. This versatile piece can be transformed into an elegant and sophisticated choker.


Agora Jewellery featured in Marie Claire

Agora Jewellery Tambourine Pendant featured in the November 2011 issue of Marie Claire magazine.This piece is a stunning .925 sterling silver pendant with intricate filigree design.

The Tambourine pendant is created using very high-quality fine silver strands. The design represents the sun, symbol of Nature and of life! Size: 40 mm diameter.



Agora Jewellery featured in VOGUE

Agora Jewellery featured in the July 2011 issue of Vogue magazine  - "Sparkly Summer".






Agora Jewellery featured in Essential Esher

Director of Agora Jewellery, Adriana Walsh, shares the story of starting her own business and her commitment to Fair Trade with the Latin American suppliers she uses.





Agora Jewellery featured in LivingIn magazine

Inspired by years of tradition and committed to a policy of Fair Trade to improve the lives and the environment of mining communities and artisans in Latin America.


Director of Agora Jewellery, Adriana Walsh, talks to LivingIn magazine.