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Bespoke Designs and Commissions AG Agora Jewellery London

Bespoke Designs and Commissions AG Agora Jewellery London - Your style, your design: jewellery that’s truly yours.

Bespoke Designs and commissions AG Agora Jewellery London. Whether you envision an elegant gift for you, your client or friend, AG Agora Jewellery London offers a bespoke design service that will surpass your expectations.  We will work directly with you to design and produce the finest keepsake – jewellery, corporate item, religious treasure - for your special occasion.


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Silver Filigree Brooch

A special journey from a dream to a
unique piece of Jewellery
-AG Agora Jewellery London-


My role as the bespoke jewellery designer is to understand what the client expectations and then exceed them.

  • Getting to know each other

During the initial stage of the project, we become familiar your expectations and with Agora’s concept, style and design. Then, in collaboration with yourselves, we will design a unique piece of jewellery: A silver filigree brooch made of silver filigree and topaz.

During the meeting we discussed some alternatives of different types of the silver filigree designs and how we can integrate with Peter’s ideas to create a gorgeous and unique brooch for Sandra’s 50Th birthday. 

  • Agreeing on a design and it's detailing

 All the aspects of the piece including design and production timelines:

  • The dimensions of the brooch: 5 cm
  • Material: Silver filigree and one topaz stone
  • Colour: Silver

Design: Silver filigree weaves based on AG Agora Jewellery London design, style, concepts and production.

After, we are agreeing the design and dimensions of the brooch.  I will discuss with the artisans the production and perhaps some of the initial filigree designs may be need to be slightly modified.

It is then my role to make the concept ‘work’ as a balanced and stylish piece.

  • The creation of your jewellery at the workshop

Your jewellery will be designed in my studio and manufactured in Colombia. I work with very highly experience and qualify filigree artisans.

These, and countless other details, are all part of our determination to provide truly fine quality, bespoke-made jewellery.

Dear Adriana, my heartfelt thanks for your so lovely design. Sonia is astounded by it and I know my daughter Sophie will be too. Very Kindest Regards, Peter 





Bespoke Designs - Memorial Jewellery

A Keepsake to Wear Next to Your Heart

Bespoke Design - We had the honour to designed and manufactured a beautiful, intricate and bespoke memorial pendant for a very special client. During the Victorian times this type of pendants were especially popular to keep loved one's hair. These days memorial keepsake jewellery can be for keeping a photo close to your heart, for keeping a pinch of cremation ashes in, or a lock of hair.  

A special journey from a dream to a unique piece of jewellery

An initial meeting is required to explore the options available to the customer that will best suit their needs. 

I prepared and presented few alternatives of different types of pendants designs and we had the opportunity to work together and developed further and interesting ideas.

Once the design has been approved by both Agora Jewellery London and the client. A cast paid by the client is made to produce one prototype of the design. Following client approval the final piece will be produced.

Amazing testimony from Leonie Wright 

This beautiful filigree necklace was specially made for me. Last year my dear Mum died and as a relic I had some of her hair which I wanted to keep.

I spoke to Adriana and asked her if she could design and make a necklace for me and this is the end result; I absolutely love it and it is very dear to me.

She showed me lots of designs and what is so lovely about this is, that it has a little box behind for storage of the hair.

This way I carry my Mum with me when I wear it.

I can’t thank Adriana enough for her expertise and ideas; I can highly recommend her if you are looking for something different. 

I will be wearing the necklace!

With love and a big thanks Leonie x 






AWBS Vice President of Philanthropy, Mrs. Tracy Pitcher, recently launched a special initiative in collaboration with Agora Jewellery.

Inspired by the different nationalities of its membership, Agora Jewellery London created a delicate sterling silver jewellery bracelet with a world map charm. This versatile and inclusive charm bracelet has been customised to included the initials of the club, and will be sold to raise funds to support the chosen charities of the American Women of Berkshire and Surrey. It is a win-win charitable project for both AWBS as well as Agora Jewellery London.






Amazing testimony from Chris & Patricia Georgiou - Silver Filigree Elephant Brooch with Sapphire and Garnet.

I found Agora Jewellery London and its delightful proprietor Adriana after a lengthy search for a jewellery designer who could make a bespoke filigree silver brooch, as I wanted a special present for my wife for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was a joy working with Adriana from our very first meeting in a Waterloo Carluccio’s (really!) to sketch out the design based upon my wife’s favourite animal, an elephant, following which Adriana took us to help source the stones (which went on their own journey to the artisan in Colombia and back safely). She took real pride in the work and in ensuring that everything was done to the highest possible standard and as quickly as possible and always kept us up to date with progress. My wife is absolutely delighted with the result - an exquisite piece of jewellery, beautifully designed and demonstrating craftsmanship of the highest order.

Chris & Patricia Georgiou







I recently commissioned Agora Jewellery London to design a piece of jewellery for my wife’s birthday. From the very beginning, Adriana was keen is to understand my expectations. She provided several sketches and was very patient in modifying her designs following my feedback. She went the extra mile to hand deliver the jewellery. The end result is a beautiful contemporary cross in rose gold that my wife is delighted with. She has certainly exceeded our expectations.

Richard Sullivan.




      Peterson's Fund for Children Fund For Children Charm

Peterson's Fund for Children Charm designed and proudly produced by Agora Jewellery London. These gorgeous charms can be worn on a necklace as a charm on a silver or leather bracelet, mobile phone or key ring.

The Peterson's Fund for Children Charm was made of .925 Sterling Silver

White and Oxidized Pendant  - Size: 25 mm diameter 

White and Oxidized Charm - Size: 20 mm diameter 

Peterson's Fund For Children Charity