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Jewellery inspired by nature - AG Agora Jewellery London

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Jewellery inspired by nature - AG Agora Jewellery London

Gorgeous spring flowers that inspire our designs!

Nature is giving us an enormous variety of colours. Flowers are beautiful elements of life that represent different shapes, textures and colours, for example, Daisies are the inspiration for our beautiful and delicate earrings and rings designs. The Daisy filigree earrings have the perfect size for stud earrings. The Filigree Daisy ring is available in size 9. However, we can make any size.

These earrings and rings were designed from our London studio and produced by the magical hands of our artisans. Together, we created a gorgeous piece of art perfect to wear with any outfit or to give to our special one. We hope that you like our designs as much as we do.

One of our most popular flowers design is Filigree Clover earrings. These are inspired by the Irish national flower which is one of the typical pieces worn on Saint Patrick's Day.

We also have a gorgeous Filigree Clover Ring, Filigree Clover Necklace and the Lucky Key Pendant that represents the beauty of the filigree art and the national Irish flower.

Our collection 2020 includes pieces of jewellery representing flowers, leaves, and geometrical shapes. All our jewellery is made of sterling silver, yellow and rose gold. Some of our new designs are Filigree Maya Cuff, Filigree Laurel Ring and Filigree Emma Earrings.

The roots and origins of our company stem from Latin America and the majority of our jewellery are hand-made by skilled artisans who transform ideas into beautiful pieces of filigree jewellery.

Filigree is one of our trademarks. Filigree is a very ancient jewellery making technique originating from Spain and Italy. It arrived in Colombia during the Spanish colonisation period when Spanish jewellers taught the native people this exceptional craft. The labour is slow and refined, and the artisans work with very rudimentary tools. This jewellery is hand made of sterling silver, 18k or 24 k gold vermeil. Very delicate threads of different thickness are interwoven in endless circles and then adorned with semi-precious stones.

Historically, artisans in developing countries have often been exploited, resulting in impoverished standards of living and sometimes in the break-up of their communities and way of life. Today, Fairtrade is a growing international movement that ensures producers in developing countries get a fair deal. This means that the artisans will receive a reasonable price for their goods – an amount that covers the cost of production and guarantees a sustainable living. Fairtrade also ensures long-term contracts which provide real security and support to gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop their businesses and increase sales.

Agora jewellery is fully committed to a policy of Fairtrade. We are directly and proactively involved in helping our Latin American partners to implement Fairtrade standards throughout the supply chain fully. We do not try to drive down our artisans on price, we pay them fair prices based on the current market value for silver and their labour, and we settle in advance for the metal and some production costs to minimise the financial risk to them.

By buying a piece of Agora jewellery, you will not only be acquiring a keepsake, but you will also be improving the lives and environment of the Artisans.




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