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New challenges and new opportunities - AG Agora Jewellery London

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New challenges and new opportunities - AG Agora Jewellery London

Agora Jewellery.....Giving Something Back
I was born in Bogota, Colombia but I have been in the UK for the last 20 years – 11 of those living in Surrey.  I am also a trained jewellery designer.  When I had my lovely twins Patrick and Valentina, I had to stop working full time as I wanted to be able to look after them. I soon started thinking about having my own business as I wanted to be able to work from home and have the flexibility to look after my family, but also to be able to continue my personal and professional development.  Difficult? Yes, of course – it was a big challenge!
I decided to start my own jewellery business as I have experience in the jewellery industry from my previous working life but I wanted it to be a business with a difference.  In my heart, it was very important to remain connected to Latin America and especially to Colombia as I wanted my children to feel part of that heritage but I also wanted it to be a business that gave back – that is why from the very beginning I knew I wanted it to be a Fair Trade business where the artisans benefited fully.

The challenge between my lovely twins and my career…When my twins arrived I wanted to dedicate myself to them. As they grew I began to look for the opportunity to build my own businesses. I had a whole team helping me during this time: my family in Colombia, who gave me full support and travelled all the time to help me.

How everything started…I am a designer and I have a great passion for design, jewellery, production, quality control and sales. I also had my own business in Colombia for five years so that gave me knowledge and structure that I needed to start AG Agora Jewellery London.  However, I needed to write a plan and think through what was necessary to organise my own business in the UK.  I sat down with a good Colombian coffee!  And everything began… I started with the visualization of my project and a very positive attitude; I never thought for one minute that anything could stop me. I started networking and that gave me the opportunity to meet the most amazing people; very professional and with immense generosity.

Of course…life is a challenge!
During this process, I have had many challenges,  and the most difficult one has been the start-up capital, but thanks to my positive attitude and my determination I have been able to continue and to find the resources that I need. I believe in any business we will find continuous challenges ...its life! But depending on how we face them they will either be part of an experience or a failure.

Jewellery is a very competitive industry as so many. However, now we are facing new challenges: lockdown, coronavirus and recession.

Since we started this completely unexpected process I have not stopped thinking about my business, the challenges other businesses face and the need to reinvent themselves to be able to get ahead.

Without a doubt, we are in times of crisis, but also in a time of opportunity. Now is the time to think, create and design our new future. We will be able to create new jewellery collections or design pieces with new materials or in our case promoting stunning jewellery like Snow filigree ring, orange pearl pendantstunning earrings and leather bracelets collection. These pieces, as well as other stunning collections, are available from our website:

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