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A SHINING EXAMPLE - AG Agora Jewellery London

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A SHINING EXAMPLE - AG Agora Jewellery London

With competition growing rapidly and consumer habits changing in the jewellery industry, as well as the whole of the home and gift sector, many businesses are looking for their hidden strengths, along with their obvious creativity to promote themselves. Many realise there is a strong moral case to try and have a beneficial impact on society, and sometimes it takes micro-businesses and smaller companies like Agora Jewellery to lead the charge in setting an example in social responsibility and Fair Trade ethos.

Adriana, founder and designer of Agora Jewellery, whose beautiful limited edition designs incorporate age-old techniques such as filigree that are all hand finished and additionally ensure that the product gives back to the community with Adriana stating “Agora Jewellery is fully committed to the ethos of Fair Trade. We are directly and proactively involved in helping our Latin American partners to fully implement Fair Trade standards throughout the supply chain. By buying a piece of Agora jewellery you will not only acquire a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery or keepsake, but you will also be improving the lives of these artisans. " The Giftware Association magazine.




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