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Leather Face Mask Chain
Leather Face Mask Chain
Leather Face Mask Chain
Leather Face Mask Chain
Leather Face Mask Chain
Leather Face Mask Chain

AG Agora Jewellery London

Leather Face Mask Chain


Face Mask Chain - Leather. With COVID-19, it is very important to wear your mask when you’re in public and keep the mask with you all the time. 

We have designed a beautiful collection of face mask chains in different materials and styles. This is the perfect accessory that helps you keep safe and look great at the same time.

Style meets safety and functionality - simply hook the face mask chain to the ear loop of your favourite mask face cover. When you’re not wearing it as a face mask covering this innovative design is a piece of jewellery and a reading/sunglasses holder chain.

How to Wear as Face Mask Chain

  • Attach the clasp of the chain to the strap of your face mask
  • Put on the face mask and let chain hang by ears and behind the neck
  • Drape chain over the neck to keep the mask in front for easy access
  • Place mask behind the neck to hide the mask, providing the look of a chain

How to Wear as Glasses Chain

  • Clip plastic loop attachments to each side of the chain
  • Pull plastic loops over each arm of sunglasses or eyeglasses
  • Unisex
  • 71 cm (Including claps)
  • Mask not included
  • Face mask holder chain
  • Reading glasses chain
  • Sunglasses chain
  • Lobster clasp closure
  • Handmade
  • We offer a bespoke design service
  • Non-returnable
  • Wholesale prices available
  • Free UK delivery

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