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Why does our silver look better?

Our jewellery is exceptionally attractive and of outstanding quality. Whilst our silver jewellery bears the .925 hallmark (which means it is certified to contain a minimum of 92.5% silver), the silver composition of Agora Jewellery silver is in fact higher than .925; specifically, it is .950 (95%) or .970 (97%) depending on the item. 

.925 is the sterling silver standard, considered to be the hallmark of quality in the silver jewellery industry. Sterling silver is in fact an alloy of silver, containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. Because Agora Jewellery typically contains 95% or 97% silver, this means Agora’s silver jewellery contains a higher content of silver than the sterling silver standard. It also means Agora’s silver jewellery is at least on a par with, if not higher than (depending on the item) France’s “1st Standard” for silver.

The higher silver content found in Agora silver jewellery is one reason for the beautiful colour of the pieces in our collection. Another reason for the beauty of its colour is because it contains smaller amounts of alloy metals, such as copper, making it less prone to tarnish. 

We are able to create our jewellery using higher content silver simply because our jewellery is hand-made. Since silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing functional objects, is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength. Where mass produced i.e. machine made silver jewellery is concerned, the higher composition of copper and/or other alloy metals is essential in order to withstand the treatment the machines give to the metal. The problem however is that this amount of copper can inhibit the beauty of the colour of silver. Copper in itself is a “pink/peachy” colour. Furthermore, copper is prone to tarnished when used as a silver alloy further detracts from the natural colour of the silver.